30 day yoga / spin challenge beginning October 14th

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As the leaves turn to gold, we notice that we’ve fallen into a rhythm. In keeping with the flow of that rhythm we are pleased to announce our 30 day yoga / spin challenge beginning October 14th. 30 classes in 30 consecutive days. Please sign up at the front desk for this exciting journey!

Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water before and after your classes. Keep the body well hydrated, and replenish your electrolytes. There are great natural supplements available at the studio to add to your water.

Your practice is a process.

Respect the process, and know that there will be ups and downs. Be safe, listen to your body and recognize when you need to rest, and when you can push yourself harder. Let your breath be your indicator.

Hold onto your intention lightly.

Don’t let getting to a class cause you more stress. Don’t let a missed day stop you. Things happen, and if you miss a day, just get back in there- do your best, know that your best in constantly changing, and let your personal best be good enough for you.

Embrace your community.

You will notice many of the same faces during these 30 days, get to know your fellow yogi. Every challenge becomes easier when your amongst friends.

Have fun.