Discover or reacquaint with: Shaima Ibrahim

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.27.35 PMAs we shine the spotlight on this lovely lady to find out just who she is off the mat and off the bike, we find it’s exactly who she is on the mat and on the bike.

Shaima is one of our most powerful, and motivating instructors. Whether you’ve had the opportunity for her to fully push you to your limits, in a spin class or yoga class. You’ve noticed it’s a love hate relationship. It’s hard! And you know the next posture, the next track is going to be equally as challenging- you’ll have to dig deeper, you’ll have to find your strength. But then it’s over, you’re exhausted, you’ve worked harder then you ever thought possible and you loved it! That’s what Shaima does. She’s almighty, and demanding, but so cheeky, and creative that she leaves you wanting more. After an hour with her, you leave that room knowing you are unbeatable, you are unstoppable, and that everything is possible!

And that’s because it is…Shaima leads her classes, like she leads her life. She’s been quoted saying, ‘I expect people to leave their issues at the door. I want to see the greatest version of yourself. You never know who you’re inspiring’. It’s quite clear that when Shaima’s on- we’re seeing the greatest version of herself, because she has and continues to be a incredible source of inspiration. Sounds like an easy feat for someone who probably teaches a class or two, and then spends the rest of the day meditating and snacking on kale chips…HA! Don’t be fooled. She can’t stand kale chips (anything chocolate is where it’s at). A professional accountant, winner of the North American title Muay Thai fighter, spin instructor, hot yoga instructor, this girl can’t sit still….it’s her own yoga practice where she stills her mind.

If you haven’t practiced with Shaima, sign up. You won’t be sorry. Do it now. Shaima’s set her sights on traveling the world doing yoga retreats, and taking more trainings…this sounds like a girl that makes her dreams reality.