As a teenager I developed a love for running and at a young age realized the benefits that came with exercise. I moved to Calgary in 1981 and began to teach group fitness. Over the next 10 years my passion for teaching and running grew. In 1992 after numerous marathons, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my hips that was traced back to an injury in my early childhood.

Although the arthritis prevented me from running and doing high impact activities, I knew I still had a passion to teach and this is when I began practicing and incorporating yoga into my fitness classes. It slowed the deterioration and allowed me to stay fit and to continue to teach. Within a very short time, I began to see other benefits with my yoga practice. I felt more grounded and focused. I started to feel connected to myself and everyone around me. In 2004, I had hip replacement surgery and since that time my body continues to become stronger every day with my yoga practice. I have been practicing and/or teaching yoga for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to train with some incredible teachers. Yoga is not only an asana practice; it is the path to inner stillness and peace.