Why Spin?

Spin with us is intended to be a fun workout, that should just fly by, while perhaps working as hard as you ever have, in a fun group environment.


Full Body Toning

With every Spin class, you will work your whole body. We are about hitting the heart and not just the legs. How do we do this? Come and give it a try. It’s about speed and reps! These classes will develop a long, lean, defined body with strong core muscles.


Weight Loss and Calories Burned

These spin classes will work your whole body in the right zones, so you will burn calories all through class, and for hours afterward. This is a 50-minute full body bike workout that burns between 500 and 800 calories.


Low Impact Workout

Spinning is a type of low-impact aerobic exercise that is not only highly effective when done regularly, but it’s also gentle on the back and knees. If any exercise ever bothers you or gives you pain, please ask the instructor for a modification.