Someone had to get this (spin) party started in Calgary so Paul did. Along with his wife Elmira. Together they own and operate and instruct at Hot Yoga on Crowfoot. Calgary’s calves and ear drums have never looked or felt better.

Born in England 24 years ago (editors note: I get additional kick backs for making him sound ridiculously young) Paul gathered as much mathematics and business knowledge as possible and took that valuable post-secondary education to the Canadian prairies. Here his talent for math and business could flourish along with his love of road racing and mountain bikes. “I used to race bikes in England but I was never good enough to be a professional on the ‘moving bike type’ so now I am a ‘professional’ on an indoor stationary bike!” says Paul.

When not taking care of business on the bike, or actual business, Paul deeply values spending time with his two lovely daughters and wife. “Doing everyday stuff together, playing soccer, homework (mathematics background finally starting to pay off), movies, travelling and chauffeuring them around……I love it” says Paul.

Paul’s other passion is eating. “I love pasta, bread, flour and sugar!” Clearly having won the metabolism lottery, Paul explains that “I have to avoid Costco otherwise I would buy, and consume, the Costco portions in one sitting. I always buy my candy at 7/11 for twice the price and a quarter of the portion to cope with my sugar addiction”. Spin classes can’t hurt to balance out that metabolic mayhem, right Paul?!

His favourite spin song is Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent, which he excitedly encourages you to watch on YouTube. Whether or not this is British humour remains to be seen but he explains that “You will get a little teary eyed, it’s that good. Never underestimate anyone, including yourself. When you put yourself out there and believe you can do it, guess what… you can! That’s why I love this clip. Greatness is not for the chosen few.” We couldn’t agree more with that Costco-sized piece of inspiration.